Thursday, June 2, 2011

Past Due

Occasionally things go past due here. Sometimes it's a lack of attention, but other times there is no rhyme, nor reason sans mother nature for it. Whiskey's official due date, based on the average equine gestational period was May 28-31. And there is still no baby!!!!! This is driving me nuts. I keep checking her, waiting. I keep hoping when I come home from work things will have magically progressed. You would think after carrying the thing for 11 months she'd be happy to get it out of her. But not Whiskey. She's contentedly hanging out.

Here's a picture of her "bagging up".

Here she is in all her pregnant splendor.

Bah, just have the stinking baby! The suspense is killing me!

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Hey Andrea, my old quarter horse mare was always 2 weeks late if it was a filly right on time if it was a colt.. go figure. pop in once and again to keep you with the litter... cheers