Monday, June 27, 2011

Brainstorming Names

Yippeee!!!!  It's the Name Game time!  I've been brainstorming registered names for Guinness and now you can join in the fun.  His mom's registered name is Miss Soft Shoe (bleck) and his dad's name is Two T General Hooker.  I really don't care if there are any name references in his name.  He's going to be gelded and used as a (hopefully) rope and barrel horse.  So fun, witty and unique all fly with me!

Here's my list so far:
Single Malt Whiskey (first choice)
Luv a Rainy Night (second choice)
Just Call Me Mr
Bar U Legacy (his mom was one of the last horses the Historic Bar U bred - she was purchased in the dispersal sale.)
Wild Card King
Northern Cow King
Hez Got Legs
Rye N Coke
Northern Night Lights
Atta Loss For Words
Wing and Prayer
Riding Fences
Jus Riding Fences (this one's kinda cool too)
Fun Bet
Prairie Grasses
So Close
No Cigar
Mammas Boy

The AQHA rules are no longer than 21 characters including spaces and no punctuation.  Can you add to my list??

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