Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's A Boy!!

My friend has been telling me that a "Watched pot never boils". Apparently this is true! Last night, feeling slightly grumpy about my mare's pregnant state, I once again began night checks. I was in bed when I realized I hadn't braided her tail. I'm sure that's what caused it. Or perhaps it was the storm system moving in. Either way last night Whiskey foaled!

I went out at 11 pm and she was standing relaxed in the shed so I wasn't too worried. I slept until 3 am to check her again. And the baby was on the ground! Bella the amazing Guardian was keeping close watch for me. Baby was trying to get up on it's feet and the afterbirth was still dangling when I made it out, meaning baby hadn't been born all the long ago.

There I stood in my pink pajamas and rubber boots. A silly grin on my face. I couldn't believe how much the baby looked like Whiskey, complete with her huge head. (I know baby will grow into it and look fabulous as an adult. I stood and watched wanted to make sure baby had nursed and Whiskey didn't have an mammary issues. Finally, at 4 am I went back to bed. Baby hadn't yet nursed but when I went to help showed lots of life and I figured could wait until 6 am.

At 6 when I went out baby was nursing. I was so impressed with what a great mom Whiskey was being. This is her first baby and there are no guarantees. I was overjoyed that she seemed to be her calm and friendly self and allowed me to approach and touch the baby.

At first (6 am) I thought I had a filly, but when I went out again and the baby was lying down I realized it was a colt. He has white hairs by his feet. I'm curious to know if they'll shed out as no white or if he'll have little cornet bands. He also has white hairs in his tail. I'll have to do some reading to see what color he'll be classified. He's a big little fart and looks a lot like how I'd guess his mom looked like when she was born.


MTWaggin said...

Awww I'm so glad momma and baby are doing well and did you have names picked????

Country Girl said...

Yikes - can you tell I was tired when I wrote this?? lol

Barn name is Guiness.

Two favorite paper potential names are 1) Single Malt and 2) Luv A Rainy Night.

Any and all suggestions are happily taken into consideration - name games are FUN!

The Canadian said...

He is BEAUTIFUL!!! You must be beaming with pride!!! I cannot wait to meet the little gaffer!