Thursday, June 9, 2011

Old Girl's Big Day

Tessa had a vet appointment this afternoon to check a lump on her rib cage. (It's just fat! Phewf!) To make my life a bit less hectic I asked and received permission for her to come with me to work. When she was younger she used to come to school on a fairly regular basis. She has a wonderful manner with children. And she truly loves it. Her walk gets all jaunty and her tail flags in the air.

When the students first filed into the classroom, their eyes lit up with delight. Priceless. Even better was when she howled her joy at being with us. Little mouths hung open. While most of the day was business as usual, we did take some time to play. They were filled with giggles and gasps when we played hide and seek. Tessa is a master at finding her ball. One little fellow needed to get past where Tessa was lying. You can imagine the expression on his face when I told him to just say "Excuse me." He was stunned when she got up and moved out of his path.

The old girl had a great time, but was definitely feeling the loss of her normal daily naps. Pictured is Tessa in the staff room on our lunch break.


The Canadian said...

That is so fun! Sure would be cool if she could go to school every day with u!

The Canadian said...

So happy that the lump is just fat!

MTWaggin said...

Good Girl Tessa!!! Those little ones wear me out too!