Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big Day

I have had one of those days that leaves you feeling limp, like you've been wrung through a wringer. Today was my appointment with a dog behaviorist. It was long but well worth it. I had realized that the strategies I had were not working well enough with Diva. I thought a fresh perspective could help me.

It was funny, a lot of the stuff made sense with what I know from horses and the natural horsemanship. We basically discussed some theory and practiced activities designed to help me get what I from Diva. I want her to be a healthy balanced dog. It will mean taking a hiatus from our agility class and sheep work to focus on it. Because all dogs are different there is no quick fix. But, but I feel as though I now have a few more tools in my toolbox, and I have someone I can call to discuss things with. And this makes me happy. Diva made major strides and progress today which makes me incredibly happy.

The other wonderful thing was that he released me from all the responsibility I feel around the dogs. Basically, I'm a good owner and shouldn't feel bad when I can't give them the Cadillac treatment. That my dogs would be happy just being with me. It was like a giant pressure release went off. I plan to just enjoy my dogs this summer. I'm not going to worry about being the best of the best or even just competing. Instead we're going to work on the basics and have some fun!

I have a lot to thing about and a plan in place. I'm sure with time and persistence things will come along. And meanwhile, I'll enjoy the process and not be so focussed on the end goals.

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