Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wheeze and Moan

For the last week I've been way-laid with a wicked sinus infection that has traveled into my throat. On Wednesday I went to the doctor and got the strongest meds she could give me. Today is Sunday and I'm still suffering. Along side me, the dogs are also suffering. They have had a limited amount of exercise, play, training and attention.

I feel bad. I really do. But with the accompanying laryngitis I'm basically held captive to silence. How can you train with your dog when any sound that comes out of your mouth is a whistle and gurgle? What I'm finding amazing is the bubble of peace that has surrounded our house.

Normally, when the dogs are all forced into close quarters with limited exercise they squabble. Tessa and Reba have been getting along. Even Diva who is in her first heat cycle hasn't been moody or irritable. She's allowed me to put a diaper on her, leaving it alone. In fact, she's been down right affectionate. The strange sounds I'm making seem to worry her. She'll slither onto my lap, lean her head against me and try to lick me. It's as though she is saying "Don't worry. I understand. How can I make you better?" Even when we are outside doing the plants, she keeps an eye on me. (It helps she's tied to my waist!)

Even when I'm on the computer in the office all four dogs will contentedly lie at my feet. This is unheard of in this house. It's not uncommon for me to have two or three, but never four. I wonder if things will change once I'm more lively again?

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The Canadian said...

There is a reason they r calked, mans best friend!