Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It's funny. The other night I was sitting down watching some TV with half an eye on the dogs, allowing the pups to play together. (Diva is moving into standing heat so needs to be supervised 100% of the time.) The dogs were taking turns hopping onto the couch beside me for a pet and a snuggle.

With the dogs flowing on and off the couch, playing and generally making a nuisance of themselves I was starting to fade. Glancing to the side, I did a double take. Reba was on the couch! Reba, who is three years old has been the most interesting dog. It really makes me wonder about nature vs nurture as I didn't get her until she was 6 months. It has taken three years to get her play fetch with me. Over the last 6 months she's gotten very consistent and eager to play and interact with me. Reba, has flat out refused to cuddle or snuggle with me. Instead she'd rather lie down at my feet or seeks out her crate in a different room. In the past the closest she's gotten to responding to my invitations for cuddles has been to carefully and slinkly put her paws on my lap or the edge of the couch. Where she carefully moved her snout close to me. I was shocked to see her on the couch. The look on her face was very sheepish.

It's funny as she sidled up to me and rested her head on my belly all I could think of was how she is the doggy equivalent of me. Socially inept. She was so awkward in her attempts to cuddle. It was as if she was terrified of getting into trouble. Tense and uncertain. She is at times, incredibly cranky. (Me too!) But she's keen to go new places, and demonstrates such happiness to be around me.

The whole change in her personality fascinates me. Is this nature? Or nurture? Has having the pups changed her disposition? (I've always believed that to be an old wives tale.) Why now, why hasn't she demonstrated these traits years ago? Is it the fact that she has been living in the house most of the past year?

I can't wait to see how she'll surprise me next!

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The Canadian said...

She finally trusts you! U never gave up on her! Reba is lucky u r her mom! :)