Sunday, June 5, 2011

June Flowers

I have happily been mucking around in the dirt. I thought I'd do Pre-Post pictures of the flowers this year. Right now they don't look too dashing. But it will come, with time and sun. You will notice the anti-dog fencing. It's the only chance the flowers have!

I have two pots with Wave Petunias.

This bed contains Vintage Mix, with Sweet Peas behind them.

These three pots contain Pansies. I love them because they remind me so much of my grandmother. Strong yet delicate, and she always had some by her front steps. They also have a dark purple Petunia, Golden Fleece (I think - as I lost the tag.), and something else. The color theme is yellow and purple. I also have two more pots made up of the same.

I'm not finished this bed yet. It contains roses, as well as freshly planted Snapdragons. I haven't quite decided what I'll put in the rest of it. Perhaps Petunias?

I love these. They are Salvia "Salsa Scarlet".

This is the warmest south facing bed, so I planted Portulaca Sundial Mix, with a couple of Marigolds tossed in.

I can't wait to see how this bed turns out! The row closes to the house has Snapdragon Liberty Classic Bronze, with Snapdragon Montego White in front of it.

Can't have flowers without some Geraniums!

Another hodge-podge Pansy pot.


The Canadian said...

You've been bust! They r beautiful! U have inspired me!

Country Girl said...

Got frost last night, and I didn't cover them up. So we'll see how they do...

MTWaggin said...

Wowsa you've been busy!!! Me I'm a perennial person - too lazy to deal with annuals although I love sweet peas - haven't been able to get them to grow.