Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Itch

I am half-way through my summer of exile.  My self imposed decision to not compete.  To not drive all over the place with the dogs and to stay home with the horses (more or less).  And I'm getting itchy.  My skin is all crawly and I think I just may be a bit bored.

Of course there are a ton of things I can do at home.  *cough, clean, cough*  But I'm a master procrastinator.  The main reason I chose to stay home this year is because I was burned out.  I had put too many balls in the air and just couldn't keep them up - that was compounded by health issues followed by a wack load of tests.  I also know that next year is going to be busy.  I'll have cutting horses and dogs both on the go.  

I wanted some time to literally smell the roses.  To have no pressure to be ready for anything.  To do something, anything other than animal stuff.  And I've accomplished this.  I've travelled to Las Vegas, I've gardened, I've gone for wonderful walks with the dogs.  And I've begun to enjoy my country lifestyle again.  But I think I may be getting the bug again.

Today I went and watched the German Shepherd Championships.  This was really neat and a great opportunity to see a different doggy world.  These dogs did the Schultzhund (sorry, no idea how to spell that one) where the dogs had to search, hold and attack a decoy person.  Very cool.  When I came home, I came home freshly motivated.  I'm ready to get working with the dogs, to put some time into my feisty little Izzy and start setting some goals.  

So tomorrow I'll make the trek to Lloydminster where a stock dog trial is being held to watch, enjoy and visit.  I'll also be on the phone to Ken, to get in some dog works (grass is waaaaaay too tall here - dogs can't see the sheep, heck, the sheep can't see the sheep) and help him with his horses.  Great trade for me as it combines two of my loves.  Plus on August 7 & 8, Izzy and I hit the road to show halter in couple of open shows.  We even have a sleep over planned!

A new day is dawning and I'm ready to roll!  (Izzy not so much, but that's what time is for!)

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