Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just Like Riding A Bike

When people tell you it's just like riding a bike I've begun to think they're just selling you a story.  I'm not a bike rider.  When it comes to exercise I'm pretty basic.  I like running, going for walks with my dogs, riding horses and doing yard work.  I don't like how the bike seat makes your rear end feel like something torturing it.  I hate how my legs feel like jello and I wobble as I take off and stop.  

However, in the nature of getting fit as fast as possible I'd decided to add bike riding into my repertoire.  My superstar friend stepped up to the plate and offered to loan me her fancy mountain bike to help me decide if my dislike for biking was just a poor bike or the activity itself.  The same bike she broke her collar bone riding!!!!!  (Let me tell you that inspired confidence.)  

So today I broke the seal.  For the first time in a very, very long time I poked and prodded a bike, made all the necessary adjustments, strapped a helmet to my head and pushed off.  Or should I say wobbled and jerked my way down the drive way.  This brings me to my point.  Riding a bike just doesn't "come back to you" like they say.  I was very awkward and uncoordinated.  And probably lucky I didn't get up close and personal with the gravel.  

Eventually, (like a good 1/2 mile later) I started to get the hang of it.  Until I encountered a mild (and I really do mean mild, as in gradual, gentle) incline.  Gears popping I tried to figure out how to make the bike go up.  As in forward.  Legs moving in a cartoonish way I wobbled to a stop.  Trying to get off the bike without damaging my tender bits was also a challenge.  Once off, I examined the gears and adjusted them while running along side the bike, hand pedaling.  

There I was ready to get back on the bike but also already on an incline.  Hmmmm.....  Taking a deep breathe I made a mad hopping movement while trying to hit the pedals to get moving forward.  Jerking and swerving I slowly made forward progress.  And made it to the top!  Where I stopped for a break, hoping the burning in my legs stopped soon.  

As the miles passed I began to get more competent.  I rode the 6 mile "block".  And survived!!  Here's to attempt number two tomorrow...

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The Canadian said...

LOL!! Love it! You'll get the hang of it! The more miles, the easier it will be!!! Keep at 'er, but beware of the downhill!!!!!