Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brave Girl

We were walking down the road on a bright sunny day.  Reba stays on leash with me and Tessa runs in the ditch off leash.  Because it was warm, when we reached one of the large sloughs at the side of the road I let Reba off to go for a cooling swim.  Tessa who had been snooping was lagging a bit behind.  Reba began to make her way down the steep, grassy ditch when she stopped short.  

A sound in the water had her looking and bouncing her way to it.  Tessa noticing something was up increased her speed and adding in a bow-wow-wow for good measure.  With a slap the beaver dove under the water sending Reba scuttling back up the bank to the safety of my legs and Tessa motoring in barking all the way.  While Tessa barked and went for a swim, Reba stayed glued to my legs.

Poor little Reba is not the bravest dog going.  When the other dogs see something to chase and start barking Reba always runs back to the safety of the yard or her humans legs.  Literally standing with her body pressed against your shin and calf.

It never fails to amaze me how different animal's personalities really are.  Reba is shy, hesitant of strange situations and likes the security of her person.  Tessa is a social butterfly who has small dog syndrome and like to test the boundaries of her world.  

They make me laugh anyhow - cheap entertainment.

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