Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reba's Nest

We're approaching Reba's due date which means it's time for Reba to bond with her new house.  I've created a whelping crate using a plastic swimming pool, newspaper lining, and for now an old quilt and towels.  Using a portable run fence she now has an extra large "crate" to live in.

Once we reach her whelping day, (I'll know by taking her temperature daily, when it drops she'll whelp within 24 hours.) I'll pull out the blankets and towels to prevent any accidental suffocation of pups.

As she whelps I'll add in layers of fresh newspaper.  When she's finished I'll pull all the newspaper out.  Put in a fresh layer and top it off with a foamy bath mat (the kind that keeps you from slipping in the bathtub).  The bath mat will help keep the puppies clean and will be easy to rinse any waste material off, helping keep their area clean. 

Reba seems pleased with her new space which is good as she'll be spending nights in there until she whelps.  (She still has run of the lower level of the house and outside during the day.)

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