Sunday, August 1, 2010


Poor Tessa gets to spend her first night wearing diapers.  I bought her pretty diapers but it's still pretty undignified to have diapers on when you are almost 10 years old.  She is NOT impressed!  Let's see if they last the night or get chewed off...

Update:  The diaper stayed on!  And she seemed okay with it in the morning!


RuckusButt said...
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RuckusButt said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have much catching up to do over here! Sometimes I start reading a blog I really like and then forget, so your comment was a welcome reminder.

Just make sure not to let her out for a pee while wearing them! I did that accidentally with my last dog...I bought stylish black 'panties' and she was mostly black. Big mistake. Talk about undignified! I swear she was mortified and I felt terrible. It's one thing when it's an over-night accident but when you send them out specifically for that purpose and make them soil themselves...oh, I'm awful.

I don't know what your girl was prescribed but I think mine was on a hormone. They figured the incontinence was due to being spayed late in life (not my choice, I got her at 12). It worked wonders and she didn't need to be on it long-term, if my memory is correct.