Sunday, July 18, 2010

Unlikely Friends

Izzy and the three dog broke sheep are the best of friends.  Last night I tried to separate them.  I was serenaded by them running around and crying for their horse friend.  This morning, the sheep went out into the big field and I moved Izzy into a smaller grassy pen to graze it down.

Taking a break from my grass cutting I went to check on the critters.  To my surprise there Izzy was calmly grazing with her sheep.  Puzzled I looked at the fence and it seemed okay.   Walking around the fence line I discovered Izzy opened the wire gate (think old school with the wire around the fence post) and let herself into the field.

I fixed the gate and left the horse.  She loves her sheep and the her sheep love her.  They can stay together.

1 comment:

The Canadian said...

Awwww! I am glad you are letting Izzy pick her own friends! :) Your a good mom!