Tuesday, July 6, 2010


With mixed feelings I made the trip to Calgary to pick Izzy up from my friend Jeanne's.  The plan had been for Jeanne who loves working with young horses and is very interested in Natural Horsemanship to start Izzy.  Of course, life thought that would be too easy and in June, Jeanne was bucked off.  Her mountain bike.  God, it seems has a sense of humor.  Jeanne ended up in the hospital with a broken collar bone.

This meant Izzy was going to have to wait.  Jeanne with her broken wing remained as diligent as she could be.  She would go out and (with some assistance from her great friends) would brush Izzy, as well as work with her on the natural horsemanship stuff the filly already knew.

This pattern would have continued on until Jeanne was able to get going on the under saddle training except for Jason.  Jason is my trainer who has Roxy in a cutting futurity program.  It has been decided that Roxy will get two week breaks throughout the summer to let her grow and get some weight back on.  During Roxy's off weeks, he'll take Izzy and get her started.  This is not an ideal training situation but it gets Izzy who is unbelievably ready to work going on a training program. 
I know starting her now when she's so ready is the right thing to do.  But my heart broke in two for Jeanne who loves Izzy and has done such a fabulous job to date.  

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The Canadian said...

Awwww! You are too kind! I do love Izzy and I miss her! Sounds like she is settling in back at her real home. Your home! I know she will be your bestest girl one day! :)