Sunday, July 11, 2010


Growth is an amazing thing.  Last night I went to Drayton Valley to work dogs with my mentor, Ken.  While Ken doesn't "help" me much anymore, the visit makes the drive worth while.  Once there Ken worked my Tessa and one of his young dogs Panda.  I worked Reba and one of his training dogs Crash.  Swapping dogs is something we often do and works well for us as our styles are so similar.  It gives the other person a chance to see how their dog works from a different perspective.

There are times when I think Reba should be further along than she is.  It's not her fault I haven't been able to work her the way she deserves and I just can't let her go to someone else.  And sometimes this just makes me feel frustrated.  Last night I took a deep breathe and looked at my dog.  Really looked.  And I realized just what a GREAT dog I have!  This dog while having some issues with strangers and other dogs is a talented working dog.  She has great stock sense, the right amount of eye, and wants very badly to make me happy.  Reba had an outstanding work.  I was stunned at how good she was.  And this makes me happy.  

I also sat back and looked at myself.  I realized just how much I've grown as a handler and trainer.  How I've developed timing and stock sense as well.  Sometimes I forget just how far I've come too.  

When I pulled back into my yard I had two tired and happy dogs, and one tired and happy human.  The love of the game is back.  Freshly motivated I'm focused on putting as much into Reba as I can before the puppies come.