Saturday, May 30, 2009


Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind has been blogging about Ghosts of Horses Past.  My past and my future collided today.  Today Whiskey and I made the trek to meet her new beau.  The reason I chose this stallion is he is a relative of one of my all time favorite horses Yeller.  People who know me often remark on how Buddy physically resembles Yeller and perhaps that was his draw for me.  What I do know is Yeller is the horse that I fully and completely regret not purchasing.  I think about him often.  If I were to stumble across him I would buy him in a minute.  

At the time I was riding Yeller for Grant.  I was also shopping for a new head horse.  I had been hauling Yeller to team roping practice nights all over the country.  On any of the school breaks, Yeller travelled to where ever I was headed and got some exposure.  We roped, cattle penned, trail rode and even did some grand entry for one of the pro rodeos.  Where Grant and Yeller didn't get along, Yeller and I had an understanding and bonded.  Yeller was a finer 14.3 - 15 hh but I could use him on the head side and have him handily pull a steer.  You have to give him credit for having heart.  He was super snappy on the heel end and would have made an outstanding competitive heel horse.  Worried I'd cause him to break down if I got him as my new head horse I still had a weak moment and asked Grant how much he wanted for him.  The price Grant told me was too high for me given I'd finished the horse.  Later, after I'd bought my new head horse, and after I'd helped Grant sell Yeller, Grant told me I should have bought him.  When I explained why I didn't he exclaimed that wasn't the price for me.  Sigh.  Missed opportunity.

Back to the story...

Today I was offered some of Yeller's relatives.  Yikes!  I do not need any more horses.  But he has this really lovely brood mare who he brought up from the states that is a full sister to another one of my projects from Grant's (half sister to Yeller).  Two T Fitz Lees Lady has Easter King, Hobby Horse and King Fritz all on her papers!  If you're into the foundation, cowy, reining type horses like I am this is pretty darn cool.  Plus she's a lovely mare who throws lovely babies.  I'd really like to own this horse.  Another one that I'm dying to have is a grey yearling filly who is out of a daughter of the stallion I'm breeding to and by Fintry Hollywood Jac.  This filly is gorgeous!  She has a massive hip, nice short cannons with a hock built to stop and get under herself.  Toss in a pretty head and a friendly inquisitive personality.  (I need to wipe the drool off my chin.)  Sorry no pictures I forgot my camera at home.  (I'm really not a good picture taker anyhow - too impatient!)

So on the drive back home I was mulling over ways to make my dreams come true.  The problem is two fold.  On one hand I don't have the pasture to sustain any more horses.  On on the other hand I don't have the available cash to put down on more horses (Tessa's vet bills tapped me out.)  In order to make this happen I need to sell a horse.  Buddy being the obvious option.  I could see if Brad would be willing to do a trade (doubt it).   I'll be putting some more thought into this to see if I can make it work.  

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Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

It seems we all have a horse or two that captured our hearts in the past and that we just cant let go of today. I love Hollywood Jac 86 horses, they certainly know how to use their hocks, among other things! Good luck figuring somethin' out!