Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My fabulous vet was out to ultrasound my mare yesterday (pre-breeding).  I was telling her the two girls were still having skin ickies.  Yes, I told her I had looked for lice or fleas but couldn't find anything (this was about two weeks ago).  After examining Whiskey she determined that it was just a residual of her infection, some scarring and would clear up as the weather improved.  

After examining Roxy, she found a louse.  Yuck!!!  In all my years of horse ownership I've never had anything like that. And yes, I find it slightly gross.  Because Roxy is hanging with the cows, this means treating all the cows as well as the horses.  In addition, I'm paranoid and will also treat the cats, dogs and sheep.  I hate nasty things like that.  What a mess!  What a pain in the rear end!  

On the sheep front, I have a few that are really bagging up but no babies to date.  And my little rescue dog Gunner is starting to come out of his shell.  He's going to be a good one!  Another fun side note is my aborted trip north to look at a stallion a friend was interested in purchasing.  Unfortunately, someone bought the horse when I was 1/2 hour away.  Bummer - an own son of Doc O'Lena too!  

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