Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Shot

After shelling out a whopping $197.85 on vaccinations for the horses I proceeded to commence Operation Poke.  Now if you could predict which horses would react to their shots you would think it would be the two young ones, neither whom have ever been vaccinated.  (For those curious I do West Nile Innovator: WNV, Eee, Wee, Tetanus.  And Calvenza: Flu, Rhino.)  Side note: Did you know that if you buy your vaccine from your vet and the horse gets West Nile the drug company will provide support with vet bills?  
Sorry, back to the story.  After jabbing the Calvenza into the left side of the neck, I poked the West Nile into the right side.  All of the horses were little troopers and barely flinched as I injected them.  The next morning I went out and checked for any side effects.  Roxy the yearling was her normal spunky self with no swelling at the injection sites.  Buddy initially had the drunken sailor walk going on but was fine by the time the afternoon rolled around.  Whiskey (you know the one who's had these shots yearly) was not fine.

I moved her into an isolated pen gave her water and hay, both of which she ignored.  Now for Whiskey to ignore hay she has to be feeling poorly for the girl surely loves her groceries.  By the time evening rolled around she was lethargically eating her hay but was still barely drinking. 

The next morning brought a snotty nose and still very little water consumption.  Would you believe it took her four days before she started drinking normal amounts?  I can happily report any ill effects have now worn off.  It fascinates me that such large creatures can be so delicate.

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