Monday, May 4, 2009

Buddy's Got To Go

Just like how all people don't get along, not all animals and people get along.  I have come to the conclusion this is a great part of Buddy's and my problem.  You see as hard as I try to bond with him, he just annoys the snot out of me.  Don't get me wrong, I love this horse, I think he's a great horse.

Any non-horsey people may have trouble understanding this but when I look at him I see all this potential to be one of those superstar horses.  (And I have great instincts - haven't been wrong on one yet!) I see a horse that's competing at the Calgary Stampede, Spruce Meadows, at the Canadian Supreme or on the "A" circuit.  I love the way he's put together and I love how athletic he is.  But I can't stand his personality.  A good part of the problem is how much I adore my mare Whiskey.  She is also an outstanding athlete but she is so easy to get along with on the ground that I've come to expect all horses to have her personality.  They don't.

I'm sure the fact that my work has been supremely stressful also factors in.  Let's face it - my patience is rather thin by the time I get home.  This whole situation is not fair to the horse.  So the onus is on me to find him a home that will appreciate him.  My best friend has an experienced horsey friend who is currently horseless right now who would love a little project.  So Buddy may end up down in Calgary while I sort out whether I want to put him in a sale or sell privately.  This gives Buddy a human who isn't irritated by the sight of him and let's him continue with his training.  

After all, they say horses don't have problems, they have people problems, and I would hate to become Buddy's people problem.  A large part of being an adult is knowing when to let go - and its time for me to let this one go.

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