Monday, May 25, 2009

Plan Unexpected

My plan for tonight was to take the dogs (Reba and Tessa) for a run in the park.  There's a nice loop that's just under 5 km (3 mi).  I enjoy trail running and the dogs for the most part run free.  When I got home I wanted to work with the horses.  However, while out doing chores I noticed one of my sheep seemed especially agitated.  She was crying and pawing and basically looked like a horse who was colic-ing.  So I stopped and watched.  This is when I noticed her back having convulsions.  Worried that she was having trouble I stuck around - just in case.
There I am standing in my work clothes (as I hadn't changed into my running clothes yet), my farm shirt over my nice T-shirt and capris.  May I say - light colored capris.  Of course the sheep has to lamb in the worst possible spot.  By the shed in the horses poop spot.  Fabulous.  Feeling slightly panicky I notice there appears to have a foot back.  But the sheep manages to push it.  After anxiously waiting for the lamb to suck everything settles down.  Number two pops out without much effort.  (Ha - so says the observer!)  But number two has some trouble sucking.  
Once everything sucked and things looked good I moved the lambs and sheep into the shed.  It's cleaner and is a private spot for her to bond with her babies.  The other sheep were intensely curious but would bunt the babies which made me nervous.  Also curious were Bella (Maremma) and Moxie (cat) neither who have been around lambs.  Bella acted like she wasn't sure if the lambs were supposed to be there or intruders.  This meant I had to talk to her and let her know these creatures were also part of her pack.  (Remember Bella's young too.)
An interesting side note - Buddy when turned out with the cows (he normally lives with the sheep) was a wild brat trying to stir up trouble where ever he went.  I haven't seen this type of behavior since he came back from training.

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