Thursday, June 4, 2009

Could Have

I've decided I'm becoming something of a bad blogger.  All last week I've had all kinds of blog ideas percolating in my head just waiting for me to type them for your reading pleasure.  Except now that things have slightly slowed down I can't remember my stories.  And stories are what I like to write about.  I do enough research and serious writing at work that I am absolutely not interested in doing more at home.

I was going to tell a story about Bella and the sheep.  You see, she's in love with the lambs which is so hopeful for me because she has been such a teen aged brat these last few months.  It appears she will make an excellent guardian dog after all.  One night she even chased something out of the yard - after making it yelp.  

I was going to write about all my lovely little lambs.  How they love to bounce around and curl up in the black rubber feed tubs.  How one baby was mysteriously dead in the morning when I went out to do chores.  How we've been working with Bunter because his mom doesn't have enough milk.  

I even thought about writing about my grass woes.  It's freakishly dry here this year and the grass isn't growing like it should.  Or about the walk I took with the dogs in the park only to discover the ponds and low spot were completely dry.  How I was freaking out about overheating my dogs.  (I didn't drink any of my water on the 5 km (3 mile) walk, instead I gave it all to Tessa and Reba.)

I could even write about the natural horsemanship stuff I bought.  How its overpriced for it's captive market.  

Or about the AQHA and the 6 months it took to get Buddy's papers sorted out.  They just arrived.  (Incidentally his proper name is Gentleman Gene.)  And about my confusion over the DNA/HYPP testing.  I paid to have his DNA done with the HYPP because he's a descendant of Impressive.  But they never sent me a kit and his papers are marked HYPP N/N.  Can't say I understand but have no wish to spend more time doing paperwork so I'm letting it go.

I could write about working the dogs after my road trip to Ken's on Monday night.  I could even tell you I'm now entered up in the Calgary Stampede World Stock Dog Championships.  And yes, it's creating a little stress in my life because this is where the big guns compete and I'm only a small fry.

I had all these ideas and the stories that went with them but too much time has passed or perhaps I'm just too tired to think straight, but I've lost my stories.  So you're stuck with the teaser until I can think of something better.

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The Canadian said...

Only a three more weeks until summer holidays and then the stories will flow like wine!!! Yipeee!