Monday, May 4, 2009

Grumpy Girl

Reba was especially snarly at Ken's trial.  She didn't like any of the dogs there.  One of the people suggested she may be coming into heat.  So I flipped her over and looked (she has a lot of hair right now) and sure enough it was "that time of the month" for her. My poor baby was hormonal and moody.  And it's only got worse!

When any of the dogs dare walk past her run she snarls at them.  If she's loose with me she stares down anything that dares come near her.  When Tessa had the audacity to sniff her (Tessa's boss of the place) her back hair stood on end.  My sweet natured little girl is out of sorts.   

Poor Reba, it's not like I can sit down and explain the facts of life with her.  Today she even snapped at Moxie (the cat) for rubbing on her legs.  As she is currently in the "danger zone" her trial will soon be over and she can morph back into her fun loving little self.

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