Friday, May 15, 2009

Ready or Not...

Ready or not, here they come.  Yesterday was my sheep's first official due date.  Meaning if an ewe and the ram got it on the first day they were living together I would have had lambs yesterday.  I must admit to feeling some anxiety about this.  As a lambing novice I worry about all the potential problems that could occur.  Also ramping up the stress levels are the fact that on Saturday I'll be 2.5 hours away at a wedding.  Of course I have someone coming to take care of my evening chores but its not the same.  

To try and prepare today I'll trim the hair (pardon me - wool) around where the teats are so the babies can get their dinner.  I'll also head into to town to pick up some selenium and small syringes (in case of weak babies) and some cord (to "help" the mother if needed).  Seriously though, people are mistaken if they think my arm/hand is going anywhere near their hoohahs during that time.  I am a farm veteran and have had the pleasure (or trauma) of helping my dad pull a calf.  Let's just say getting splattered with the stuff that comes out did not do my gag reflex any favors.  

Of course I'm also ridiculously responsible and would feel guilty if anything happened to any of my animals - even the dread sheep.  Bring on the babies - ready or not, here they come.

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