Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Herding Fun

Grrr!  Some days Blogger really annoys me!  So here's the deal:  the first time I loaded my pictures, Blogger put them on my blog in reverse order.  So I loaded them again, only this time in the opposite order, and what does Blogger do?  They load them in the order I loaded them!  Grrr!  It really messed up the story I had planned in my head.  So the story is out of order and not really complete.  Sigh.

Reba's turn:  Tessa "I've got your back, Reebs!"  Reba: "I'm gonna get me some sheep."

Reba: "Go sheep go!  I said move it!"

Bella: "Hey guys, what's going on?"
Tessa: "Belle you better move because I'm coming."

Bella: "Whoa!  Slow down you guys, what's the rush?!"

Bella: "That really wasn't called for.  There's no need to run me down!"

Just some spring herding fun today.  Imagine if they really could talk what they'd be saying...


The Canadian said...

Fun! Wow, you have a lot of snow!

Country Girl said...

I have a small packed down area - everything else is knee to thigh deep. Is it spring yet?