Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It Was a Close One

Merrily on my way out to the field I had Tessa by my side and Reba's cord wrapped around my hand.  Wearing the classic farm look of baseball cap and black rubber boots, I schlepped my way through the melting snow, puddles and mud.  Not ordinary mud, the greasy kind where the frost is just coming out of the ground leaving a slick top layer.  

As I began my decent down the little hill, I slipped a bit,  causing me to carefully lift my foot for my next step.  Which is when Reba realized the sheep were nearby and surged forward, yanking on the cord.  The cord wrapped around my hand.  Skiing forward on the heel of one rubber down the muddy slope I went.  Desperately trying to get my free leg down I croaked out a lie down.  Reba slowed just enough for me to get my feet back under my body.  While I'm sure it made a funny picture I had visions of being covered in mud/manure and landing on my bad shoulder.

Today, I had lady luck on my side.

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