Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gotta Go

Warning: This post may contain material that pushes the bounds of good taste.

Enjoying the spring like weather I've been running virtually every day with the dogs.  During my holiday, I would run with them at my convenience, but now, back at work I'm running immediately upon my return home.  Tessa, an old running campaigner has all kinds of training and runs off leash in the ditch.  Reba, the young sprout, who still feels compelled to try to chase the odd vehicle runs on leash beside me.

Tessa generally runs in front of me, pushing the limits until I ask her to wait for us.  Yesterday we had just started, having covered about a 1/4 mile when Tessa looks behind her, and begins her poop stance.  Now, with a normal dog, stopping to take a crap while on a walk or run wouldn't be a big deal.  But this is Tessa we're talking about.  Tessa, with her abdominal issues needs to crab walk.  And crab walk some more.  I'm watching her crab walk as we close the gap.  Still crab walking Reba and I begin to pass her.  Tessa, mid-turd jumps up and begins to run.  She wasn't finished!  Jaw hanging open I watch in astonishment as she squeezes a poop out while running!  

I must admit this is a doggy first for me.  I have had dog's stop mid way, but never finish while on the run.  I'm not talking kinda squatting.  She was in a full up right running position.  Only Tessa.


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On the fly !!! LOL
Tessa must've been watching the horses do it, and thought: "COOL!"