Sunday, April 19, 2009

Consort Bound

When Grant called and said he'd be home today, I dropped my plans and went to Consort.  This time of the year Grant is usually busy out riding for other people so he can be challenging to get a hold of.  I needed to go see Buddy.  Talking on the phone with Grant he told me the horse had changed.  He felt I'd like him and if I didn't he wanted him.

So this morning I hit the road.  Once at Grant's with Buddy saddled up I watched as Grant put him through his paces.  Now remember Buddy is just a baby - technically he's not even three yet - and he can consistently on a loose rein walk, trot, and lope (on the correct lead) in a circle.  He'll back up, turn on the haunches in both directions and stop with no bit contact.  All in all pretty good for a baby.  Is he perfect?  No, he's a baby!

A little apprehensive I climbed on.  Remember I haven't been on a horse in something like a year (with Whiskey out of commission) and physically I shouldn't even be riding. But it felt so nice.  Buddy has a smooth gait and is fairly naturally balanced.  While I wonder if he'll morph back into the obnoxious horse of the past, Grant seems to think its just maturity that we're seeing.  

Needless to say I've decided to give Buddy a chance.  I'm giving him a month to see if we will click as a horse rider team.  And if we don't click, he'll go back to Grant and we'll work a trade with something that will be a better fit for me.  So right now Buddy is in the isolation pen here at home.  

A visit to Grant's is not complete without a good visit.  It was during this time he told me about a dog someone had given him.  He was calling the dog Bullet because it was going to get one.  Curious I asked why.  It was then I discovered it took him a week to catch it, and once he caught it he couldn't get it to look at stock.   Going and looking at the dog where it was tied up I found a dog that cowers when you approach it.  I began to wonder if someone had been to harsh with the dog and spoiled it, turning it off stock.  So of course I offered to take it home and see if I could get it to work sheep.  I know if I can get it working on sheep I can get it working on cattle.  

One of the guys at the barn said the previous owners called it Tex - but he doesn't seem to recognize the name.  He understands lie down and kinda gets that'll do (all I tried tonight) but didn't even look when I called his name.  He wants to be friendly but is just scared.  I am now on a good Collie name hunt.  Suggestions?

When I walked him out into the field he started to look at the sheep and he definitely watched the cat - all good signs.  One thing I noticed is he's not as jumpy with me as he is with my dad.  The other thing I noticed is he's missing a chunk of ear, and has a broken canine tooth.

It's hard to say what his story is but he seems eager and socialized with other dogs.  Cute little fellow if in a bit rough shape.  (He's skinny, matted and needs some TLC.)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with Buddy - hope it works out for both of you.
I'm not good with doggie names, but somehow this little guy needs a "J" name, like Jason, or Josh.

Anonymous said...

Find a sound that makes him happy and he'll love his name.

Country Girl said...

This poor little guy so badly wants to be your friend but is terrified of you at the same time. Right now two names we kinda like and he kinda looks at you for are Gunner and Flash. (Saved from the gun, and would be gone in a flash if off leash. lol)

The Canadian said...

Gunner, I say go with Gunner! He sure is a cute little fellah! Good thing you have lots of love to give! :)