Friday, April 24, 2009

Busy Week

I've had a somewhat busy week.  On Monday I managed to survive my first ride on Buddy.  We did a lot of bending and flexing getting him to relax before I got on him.  I added the stylish black helmet as my blankie and off we went for his first outside ride ever.  Now, I'll admit we just walked around doing circles and some bending exercising but we both had positive experiences which is what I was aiming for.  That was Monday and Buddy hasn't been saddled since thanks to the evil weather gods who are taking my lovely spring sun away replacing it with a biting cold wind and *gasp* snow flakes.

My lovely little rescue dog is doing well.  I'm thinking he's going to end up named Gunner.   Also on Monday I took my new addition out to the sheep after Reba had her work.  And he'll work.  Will he ever work.  He knows nothing but he's keen - all he's lacking is training and confidence - and both come with time.  Tomorrow he gets his first vet visit.  Should be exciting.

Speaking of vets, Tessa went in on Thursday and had her stitches removed.  She is now in cone head to allow her paw to continue to heal without her pestering it.  While I sit and keep Tessa from licking her paw, I've been watching the Pitzer Ranch Sale Preview.  One of my friends is looking at purchasing a stallion and bringing it back here.  Let's face it, the American horse market appears to be in the dumps, so for us this something of a good deal.  I'll let you know if he purchases anything Saturday morning.

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