Saturday, April 4, 2009

Life Unexpected

While driving down the highway on my way home from checking out one of the stallions on my list, I was feeling bad for myself.  You see, this stallion, while a very nice stallion is not the stallion for my Whiskey's first baby.  I quite liked him and would buy one of his babies in a heartbeat but know in my heart of hearts that breeding him to her would not produce the cross I'm looking for.  

I had pulled into a gas station to rehydrate and post a poster of Ken's Clinic, which made me feel doubly bad because the station didn't have a poster board.  Really, what country service doesn't have a message board?  This one apparently.  Back on the road a good 1.5 hours from home I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye.  Whaaaat?  I thought that sign just said tack shop.  Cutting across the lanes of traffic and flipping a u-turn at one of those connect the highway things I went back to investigate.

What I discovered was a silver lining to my day.  One of those wonderful hole-in-the-wall tack and feed stores.  Once in the store I posted Ken's Clinic poster and browsed through only to find a selection of western bridles all for under $50.  Understand these bridles are not of a superior quality but who really cares if all you're using them for is training?  So I bought two of them.  And yes I'm pretty pleased with myself.

Feeling perky I stopped at one of the large western wear stores in the city (which I rarely go to) and bought two pairs of jeans (one Wrangler and one Cinch) to wear around the farm and riding.  I've been wearing my town jeans (Gap and Lucky) and the farm is starting to beat them up, so I felt it was time to purchase some farm worthy jeans.  This is not to say I don't own multiple pairs of Wranglers - I just don't fit into them anymore.  (The chemo killed my metabolism.)  Any excuse to shop...

I guess when life gives you lemons you just gotta make some lemonade.


The Canadian said...

When life gives you jeans! Yipeee!

Elana said...

Haha. You're too funny. And here I thought I was a shopaholic. lol Where was this gem of a tack store? And which Stallion did you cross off your list?

Country Girl said...

The stallion was Heavensent Taco King. And the shop is on Hwy 16, near the (I think the name is) Heading West Arena. Sorry I've apparently thrown out the receipt with the name of the shop on it. lol