Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Seriously?!  A fabulous storm system moved through leaving behind a serious dumping of the wet stuff.

Yesterday's Seriously?! Enjoying the stunning sunny day, Tessa and I headed out to the field to put in some training time. Reba, who was tied with one of those cable tie outs (her run is wet so I don't like to leave her in it) in the yard was not happy at being left behind. Out in the field I could hear her voicing her displeasure with a series of yipps and barks. When she finally fell silent, I thought good, she's settling down. Umm, yeah, not so much. Reba complete with 30 ft cable trailing behind came hell bent for leather over the hill and into the field.

My little Border Collie managed to break the snap on the cable that is approved for Husky sized dogs. Getting her stopped, I take her back up to the yard and put her into her kennel/dog run. Once again Tessa and I get to work. Only to turn around to see Reba once again barreling down the field. Reba, who has never before done this, scaled her 7 ft chain link fence. Once again I get her stopped, hook my cane through her collar, and head back to the yard. This time, I put her training cord on and take her back to the field.

Tessa and Reba just had to take turns working the sheep. I guess this is the way I'm going to have to work it or put Reba into a travel kennel. And to think both dogs went for a run with me an hour prior.

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