Monday, November 14, 2011


Well, I'm officially in the new digs.  Dad and I put up the chain link panels creating a dog run attached to the garage. (Heated!!!)  Next step is to get a dog door installed so they can go out and potty at will while I'm away at work.  My bed is in the living room.  Yup, but as I have no other furniture in there right now, that's okay.  My kitchen is filled with boxes.  My garage is filled with boxes.  Whiskey is hanging in her new field.  Unhappily I think.  She was much more unsettled than I expected her to be.  Wasn't eating very much, but seems better now.

The dogs are also rather unsettled.  Tessa was extremely worried, so I gave her an extra Clomicalm and took her to work with me today.  Diva and Tessa are starting to war.  This is new.  I'm doing a lot of maintenance with them right now.  As soon as things settle down I plan to give everyone individual training time.  Ryder is awesome.  He settles in and lays down, watching what's going on.  He's my faithful shadow.  While Diva is super-snooper.  It's been fun keeping her out of trouble.

When it's not blizarding I'll get some pictures up of the mess.  I have no plans to tackle any of the mess until my report cards are done and my final paper for my class is handed in.  I must admit, very excited to get my Internet hooked up today...

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MTWaggin said...

YAhoooooo! I'm so happy you are in your new place and I think all the critters will settle down once you are able to. Ryder my man....he's a boy and so laid back. I love it - Diva Dog Super Snooper! :)