Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beloved Whiskey mare

Tonight I made it out to the barn.  I brushed Whiskey and popped her on the lunge line.  I hadn't been out for almost two weeks.  This video I took on BlackBerry.  Sorry, we get dark early here this time of year and the arena lighting is - arena lighting.  I think the video shows off some of the reasons why I love this horse so much.  In one hand I have the lunge line, the other my cell phone.  I've gotta admit I get a bit depressed when I work with her knowing she'll only be broodmare sound.  I also think she looks great having just had her baby weaned.


MTWaggin said...

A beauty for sure!

The Canadian said...

Beautiful! Hard to believe she's not "sound." She sure looks happy to be doing something!! :)