Friday, November 18, 2011

Moving Mess

Jokes on me.  I took a bunch of pictures to show my moving mess.  Only I can't find the card reader for my old school Mac.  (Just waiting for it to kick the bucket before I buy a new one.)  Last night I caved.  I couldn't stand it anymore and organized my kitchen.  I thought my report cards took priority.  Silly me.

The pups have been wreaking havoc in the garage while I'm at work.  I need to get the dog door and panels set up to limit them to the outside run and their section of the heated garage.  We've made it through our first work week alone.  I was really worried about the babies and their ability to "hold it" while I was off working.  This is something they've never had to do.  And Tessa, well, we're coming off a pretty bad "crazy" day.  But all dogs were good dogs and did their business outside.  What more can a girl ask for?

It's bloody stinking cold outside (-25C or about -13F).  This is our first cold snap and snow fall and nothing has acclimatized.  I'm going to be running home and grabbing a winter blanket for Whiskey as she refuses to use her shelter (totally out of character for her).  She seems fine but her coat isn't as plush as I'd like it.  I'll blanket her up for this first snap and when it warms up take it off.  This will give her some more time to grow more hair.  I don't mind snow on the horse's back (according to the old cowboys it's insulating), but she's got some ice balls which are just not nice.

This weekend has dog vaccinations and new tires for me.  Oh ya, and writing report cards....

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MTWaggin said...

The moving crazies will end soon miss. Just remember to take some time to just "be" even if it means closing your eyes to the mess and meditating a bit!