Sunday, November 27, 2011

House pics

Kitchen - whoever planned it out mustn't have been a cook - note all the tile counter tops...  BUT note ALL the counter space!

More kitchen view...

Look at the cupboard space!
(And the "old school" cupboards!)

My couches - now covered with old flannel sheets to dog "proof" them.

Living room - facing where the TV will go...


Office and Dog Room - this is where they'll spend the night in crates/pens.
Less Tessa who'll sleep in my room on her bed.

Spare bedroom

My bedroom.

Once I have all my furniture, everything unpacked and organized, and art work up.  I'll take new and improved pictures.


MTWaggin said...

Your place looks absolutely wonderful and I see you are getting settled in. I'd love to steal your couches! LOL Can't wait to see the finished products!

The Canadian said...

Home Sweet Home!!

Sandra said...

I hear you about the Kitchen. Kind of odd place for the stove, you'd think it'd be where all the counterspace is at, other than that it looks like a lovely place to live :)