Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scared Awake

Between the move and my courses I'm not quite as on top of my work as per normal.  This means I've been putting in major hours for my report cards.  Last night I didn't make it to bed until after 11.  Which for me is crazy late.  I was comfortably asleep when Ryder stood up (hardwood = clacking feet), and began to growl, deep in his throat.  You know, the serious business growl.  Still trying to sleep, I shushed him.  And then I heard it.  The hard to place, not quite right sound.

I lay there barely breathing, listening with every fiber of my being.  And still the sound.  Was it in the house?  Outside?  I couldn't tell.  Ryder made the flying leap onto my bed, and sat alertly, staring out my window.  Growling.  And then a big serious bark.  Sitting up as though pulled with a string I fumbled for my glasses.  Crawling closer to the window I peered out.  The light pollution from the increasingly near large city providing a faint illumination.  I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye.  Freezing, I stared, stomach clenching as Ryder began to bark in earnest.

There!  What was that!  Oh holy crap!

Oh... it looks like.. a coyote??


This close to my house?

Relieved it didn't have two legs, the dogs and I made our way to the deck door and watched.  Ryder poofed up, growling, and watching intently.  Tessa back to the window barking when Ryder let out his warning barks.  And then it went streak past my deck.  Close enough to rope.  A massive coyote.  I think. Biggest I've seen with plush fur and a filled out tail.  Looked about the size of a German Shepherd but had the coloring of a coyote.  Calming Ryder I made my way back to bed.

Ryder, once again leaped up onto my bed and stood sentinel at the window growling.

This is how I fell asleep.  That is until Ryder let out another massive bark, jolting me out of my sleep, and causing me to hallucinate a man standing at the end of my bed.  Thank you Ryder, and Thank you sleep deprivation.

Let me tell you that got the old ticker going.

Yep, it was a restful sleep last night...

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