Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stinking Cold Outside!

It's stinking cold outside right now!  We're around the -33 C mark ( - 27 ish F).  When I bought my truck last March, I bought it because I liked how the GM product handled and liked the anecdotal I'd heard from people who did a lot of driving and hauling.  

I must admit, with winter in full swing I've fallen in love again.  I LOVE my truck.  I don't love not having the heated seats (I was trying to be cheap.), but I really, truly do love everything else about it.  It's great!  With the dump of snow and country roads, I've discovered it handles MUCH better than the Dodge.  I don't shimmy on the ice.  And the snow piles don't seem to grab a hold quite as strongly.  I live between two relatively large hills.  I had to stop for a school bus on the hill!  And my truck nicely shifted, and pulled me straight up the hill.  No nasty tail swinging.  

The other thing that took me right over the edge...


Even when it's not plugged in.  (I have a diesel - when it's this cold it really should be plugged in.)  My car (the evil Jetta TDI) was a temperamental witch and wouldn't start even when it wasn't that cold.  I was soooo impressed.  (I've since found the cord and am plugging it in - gotta show it some love.)

I need to adjust the idle (has a high idle feature for winter), and put on it's bra (helps keep heat in the engine), but other than that - I'm SOLD.  

If I may say, I love my truck.  I am fully, completely infatuated with it.  I've decided I'm naming it "Baby".  Because it's such a doll of a vehicle.  

I am now a Chevy girl!  I will tacky up my truck with the symbol.  I will proudly proclaim to anyone who asks - "Chevy ROCKS!"

I *heart* my truck...

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The Canadian said...

I heart my Chevy Truck too!!!!!!! Cheers, to Chevs!!