Tuesday, November 16, 2010


While winter has waited, it's now knocking on the door.  A brisk wind and snow flurries are entering the neighborhood.  This coupled with the darker, shorter days, and my favorite time of year (report cards) means a rather dreary feeling.  

Today I rushed home after work to try and catch some daylight.  The plan was to get the animals hunkered down and ready for the nasty weather headed our way.  The horses and sheep got extra hay.  Bella gets extra dog food and the pups got a fresh bed of straw, as well as a dish of food in their run for the night.  I don't normally feed them at night - they're on a three times a day schedule - but with with colder weather I wanted them to have access to the extra calories they'd need to stay warm with.  I also used square straw bales to build a "porch" onto their house.  This should give them some extra protection from the wind and weather and slow down any drafts that may enter their house.  

Meanwhile, Reba has moved into the house semi-permanently.  She has a little coat she wears while outside but just doesn't have enough hair to survive right now.  Poor little monster is bald.  I'm giving her Cod Liver Oil on her food to give her an extra boost.  Here's hoping she gets her hair back soon!

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MTWaggin said...

Yeah, woulda been nice if you'da kept that Alberta clipper IN Alberta! LOL The naked dogs would be more than happy to send it back north!