Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I must admit to having a secret or two (or three or four). *cough* And this one has been burning up inside of me.  The urge to spill all has almost, almost taken me over the edge - but I resisted.  Until now.

Last Friday, I once again began taking lessons.  And wonders of all wonders, the lesson horse did not aggravate me.  In fact I enjoyed it.  Well, I enjoyed it until my poor calves began to spasm in agony.  At that point I wasn't thinking this was a great idea.  Did I mention my instructor forgot I hadn't been on a horse in a very long time?  Every Friday, I head to a local jumping stable Gorsline, with my friend Jen as the instructor.  I like the challenge of the jumping world because it's unfamiliar for me.  I also like the sweat factor in developing a greater degree of fitness.  I figure it's a way I can enjoy riding and still stretch my brain and body.  

Tonight, I went with Jen to take a gelding on a test drive.  I had been on the fence over purchasing this horse for a while now.  Simple fact - I don't NEED another horse.  However, want, want can get me into trouble every now and then.  

I had had a perfect brain wave - perhaps Jen would be interested.  And after viewing the horse she is.  So now, I sit back and wait and watch to see what happens.

Ahhhhhh - relief.  The secret's out.  

Or is it?


Chelsi said...

Ooooh... or is it??? Well, is it?

Can you believe how hard you have to work in those english saddles!! omg, I just about DIED my first lesson (actually on my second and third too:)

Hope you are lovin' as much as I did!

The Canadian said...

Yipeeeeeee! Sounds like soooo much fun! Glad you are taking lessons from Jen, she sounds fun!