Wednesday, November 24, 2010


There's a lot to dislike and feel crusty about during this time of year.  The lack of daylight, the frigid temperatures, the snow, ridiculous drivers who each year seem to forget about winter driving, and inside recesses... (You think your animals get stir crazy??)  

But rather than dwell on the negative I prefer to move to a more happy state of mind.  One that slides into a state of cold induced delusions...

Here are some things I love, things that make me happy, and feel good:

Fresh, fluffy snow on a warm winters night.  
The feeling of skiing down a mountain's edge.
Sitting in my Carharts, with dogs running amok around me.
Walking into a warm barn full of the smells of shavings and horse.
4x4 - enough said...
Baking, when the window is frosted, and the kitchen smells so good.
The delicious, luscious feel of supple leather.
Silk - enough said...
Chocolate, that melts in your mouth, and causes you to drool.
Hot Apple Cider
Hot Chocolate with marshmallows.
Snowball fights, forts and angels.  
The joy on a child's face when it snows.
Hearing children's laughter during a good frolic in the snow.
Sledding down a hill, with a full moon, and a warm winter night.
Real fires in the fireplace.
Seeing Reba in her winter clothes.  
My pink Uggs.
Funky mittens and toques.
Sleigh rides.
Snow days (days it snows so much the buses don't run).
Being huge or fluffy, and blaming it on the multiple layers...
Putting my cold feet on someone else's legs...
Or, surprising someone with cold hands under their shirt, on their back...
How fluffy and puffed up the animals look with their winter coats.
How long it takes the dogs to find their balls...
The sound of snow crunching underneath my boots.
Northern lights.
Hanging in the chalet of a ski town...
Hoar frost on fences and trees.
Static toque (hat) head - how can you not laugh?
My bed, warm blankets, and a cold nose...
Cuddles with the furry creatures.
How funny it is to watch everyone walk in their winter gear...
The exercise regime of feeding the critters each day.
My work roughened "man" hands.
Going to the spa to treat my "man" hands.
Bag Balm - for feet and hands.
Good books and the excuse to stay in and read them.

See?  It's all a state of mind.  Winter is here, and will be here for the next 4 or so months.... gulp....


The Canadian said...

Don't forget to add Christmas to your list! Yipeeeeee!!!

Country Girl said...

Sweetheart - that's for YOUR list - you know how I feel about commercial holidays...

Country Girl said...

Oh - for anyone else - i can say that to her because she's known me since I was 10 and we've been friends for forever. I'd hold the thought if she was a stranger. lol

Jennifer said...

Great things to be grateful for! :D