Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Do You Love Animals?

As a special education teacher, I'm familiar with Temple Grandin for her ability to advocate and educate about autism.  As someone raised in an agricultural world, I respect her for her accomplishments.  She's well educated and innovative. 

The other day, in Chapters, I stumbled across her new book, "Animals Make Us Human", so I grabbed it up.  I haven't had much time to read recently, but tonight I sat down to read.  I'm on page 17 of her book and absolutely hooked.  I want to read the entire book tonight.  (I won't - work beckons in the morning.)  If you're an animal lover, perhaps this book might be a worthwhile read for you...  

I found this YouTube link with Temple talking about the book.


Jennifer said...

I am very familiar with her! She is a legend! If today's ranches used the old ways of horses and dogs....cattle would be easier to is frustrating that it still comes down to dollars and cents. ( perception) I witness our neighbors chasing down their herds on quads...YIKES!

I will look for the book, sister works as an OT and specializes in mental health...we are very interested in Equine Assisted Learning.

Are you on Facebook? I wish I had a blog that you could read...I have a private one but it's content consists of life raising 2 little girls!

Country Girl said...

I used to live in Consort - where the "old" ways were very much still practiced. It's what got me started on the dogs.

I am on Face Book - Andrea Bohn

Check out Hearts & Hooves. Or Little Bits Riding Academy - Little Bits operates out of Edmonton - there's also a horse program near Red Deer - I volunteered there and used it for my Adapted Phys Ed course. I think you can google and find them.

I went to hear Temple speak in Calgary - spent the day just enthralled. (On Autism.) But would love to hear her speak on the ag. side of things.

PS - nothing wrong with raising kids!!

Jennifer said...

Hey! I volunteered for Little Bits in the mid 90's! :D Great organization!

Check out -

I'm going to find you on FB!