Saturday, November 13, 2010

Roxy Home for Holidays

Roxy has been home for a month and a bit taking a training break.  She's got really, really dry skin.  I even did a quick louse search but could come up with no evidence.  If anyone knows of something to help, I'd appreciate the information.  I'll keep an eye on it and ask the vet if she wants to see it.  Sam (the vet) has just come back from a holiday and is playing catch up - so we'll wait until it's not so hectic over there.

It's funny how little she's changed.  She looks pretty much the same as when she was a yearling.  Very pony-esque!  Cute, though.


Chelsi said...

She is super cute. I believe that it is best to treat skin from the inside out. I'd give her some oil in her grain, omegas, etc. I also think really good deep brushing and rub every day helps move the oils.

Country Girl said...

Great minds and all that - I was just outside thinking about this - and had decided I need to start feeding milled flax again. It's so dry here right now - everything has dry skin.

The Canadian said...

Cute is right!