Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old School

This week I had popped over to the trade show at FarmFair where one of my friends from the 4-H days had a booth.  (She makes the most delicious chaps and leather goods.) We were talking about Scratches and she said it's the easiest thing to care for.  All you do is slap on some Vaseline and off you go.  She swears by it.  

This got me to thinking about other old school or homemade remedies for horse issues.  I've used the classic Epsom Salt and Bran poultice for abscesses which works amazing.  (That one came my way from my amazing vet.)  All you do is mix up 1 part Epsom Salt to 2 parts bran, add hot water, and place in a diaper.  Vet wrap the diaper around the hoof (taking care not to go up too high and cut off circulation).  I add duct tape to reinforce it and change the poultice daily.  It's now become my go to treatment plan.

I know many people swear by feeding bran mash on the coldest days helps prevent colic.  The thought being the horses are getting more moisture in their guts than they otherwise would.  

And of course there's the tried and true vet treatments.  Many of the best things you can get from the clinic are things they've made up themselves.  One vet has what we call Magic Lotion.  Because it really seems to be magic when used on cuts.

But it got me to wondering - what other things do people do that are tried and true?  What do you do?

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