Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Devil

The devil reared its head today!  Yesterday, Tessa was a darling.  She worked like a charm.  And I stood back and let her.  Today, she's was a rotten apple.  Heh - it would helped if I hadn't bunged up the pattern.  Heh - perhaps next time I'll read the pattern before the run...  Oh well, live and learn.  But she also needed to listen.  As in, do what I asked.  Sigh.  

This was her final trial.  Now she's back to being a pet.  My beloved (and sometimes not so beloved) companion.  

Tessa's been down the road with me.  Together we roped and rodeo'd our way around Alberta.  She made more miles as a pup riding shot gun in my truck with a horse hitched behind, than many people do.  She's moved with me.  Survived boyfriend's with me.  Sat on my lap, and held my hand while I was immobilized with chemotherapy.  Absorbed tears in her curly fur as I fought through life's pitfalls.  And made me laugh and smile with her antics and verve for life.  We've run many miles together - both on foot and horseback.  She's made me scream with frustration as she willfully made her way in my world.  And she's made me cry with fear as I held her hand while she survived broken legs, teeth and now old age.  

My girl is getting old.  And she's not doing it well.  As I write this, she's laying in the corner, snoring with her tongue stuck out.  And when she gets up I'll check to see if she's leaked on the floor.  

As much as she frustrates me at times, and as much as I know there are better dogs out there, I love the little monster.  She's been my companion for 10 years now.  She's challenged me and definitely made me better for it.  I've learned a lot from her.  She's earned her place in my home and my heart.  And now, it's my job to care for her through what life may through at us.  Keep her safe and healthy for as long as I can.  

Here's to Tessa - my little devil dog.

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