Friday, September 17, 2010

Yikes! I've Gone and Done It!

Originally, when Reba was bred I had not intended to keep any of the puppies. However, with a second case of mastitis on the go, and an early wean planned to stop the wear and tear on my lovely Reba, things changed. I may not breed her in the future. My normally healthy dog has not had a pleasant mothering experience. This means I may keep back not one, but TWO of the pups. They are all such NICE creatures I'm having trouble deciding on who to keep.

The front runner right now is Tank. Which is strange for me because I'm not a male dog fan. But I have a feeling. I have a feeling this dog will have star quality. And for that reason I'm wanting to keep him. I like how drawn to people and I like how his personality is developing.

The second dog I'm loving is Runt. (Thinking Diva or ?.) She's a regal little girl. I love the look of her. Feminine, and mostly black. I also quite like how she's been dealing with the world around her. She's curious, playful and brave.

But then again the other girls are lovely as well. And wide blaze face is outstanding! For that reason alone I think I have to sell him because I can see him being such an amazing dog for someone wanting to trial or work and have a nice family dog. He just has a stellar personality. I'm thinking he's going to be Luke. It seems to fit him.

Puppy two is going to be an outstanding working dog. She has so much drive and energy. Puppy's one and four are top notch. They are both so nice that I want them to go to people who will appreciate them. I can't keep all the great ones!

Ah! It's just sooooo hard to choose! I love and appreciate them all. It just makes finding the "just right" home all the more important to me!

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