Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quietly Plugging Along

I am fully and completely exhausted.  My day off from work involved cleaning both the inside and outside puppy pen.  Getting feed and water set up in both puppy pens.  Playing with said puppies.  Going to my Mixed Martial Arts class (great fun), zipping into the grocery store for more goats milk (final week), loading up Tessa and Reba, driving the 2 and a bit hours to Bowden, working dogs, watching dogs getting worked, having a great visit, driving the 2 and a bit hours back home, checking on the puppies, cleaning their inside pen again, feeding the puppies and feeding all the adult dogs. 

Now I've settled to blog... perhaps bed would be a wiser choice... but I have had the most fabulous day... and wanted to share it... but forgot to take pictures... sigh...

Today I was validated.  Today a highly respected dog trainer and breeder (Abe Marshall) told me I'm (yep ME) am doing a wonderful job training my "very nice bitch".  Wow!  What an amazing feeling.  He was incredibly impressed with the dog, so much so that he kept commenting on how NICE she was.  Plus she was a superstar.  No snarling at strange dogs - one of her biggest issues.  Outstanding listening.  Keen but quiet and responsive.  It was a GREAT day!  

Today I was told to keep doing what I'm doing because I'm doing good!  He even told me I could leave her behind when I was loading the dogs to leave!  That I should be proud of the dog I have.  Sometimes it's nice to hear you're not the only one who thinks the dog is something special.  

Today I feel outstanding!  Like dancing on air!  *beaming smile*

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The Canadian said...

WOW!! That feels good eh?? You are doing good, Andrea! I can tell because you are passionate and your voice fills with enthusiasm and excitement whenever you talk about your dogs!!!