Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cat or Dog??

Up until the time Tessa came into my life I had always been a cat person.  When I moved away from home it was with tears at leaving behind my beloved farm kitties Tigger and Squawk.  Serious discussion and contemplation had gone into bringing them with me to my new home on the prairie.  It was only the knowledge that my farm cats who were used to the run of the farm would not be content in my new 900 square foot house.  And I couldn't do that to them.  So they stayed behind and I contented myself with visits home where I would sit in the easy chair and read while Squawk relaxed on my lap.

Tessa was my first house pet - ever.  My mom had firm beliefs about having pets in the house so there were none.  Squawk an orphan was allowed in part time for cuddles, as he had been a temporary resident until he was big enough to fend for himself outside.  With Tessa I discovered the joy of having a dog companion with me.  I was able to see, grow, learn and love with her in the house.  I was never lonely with my furry friend so close and we often spent the evenings sitting together with her sprawled on her back between my legs on the couch while I read, worked or watched TV.   With no one to watch Tessa when I was gone I quickly learned to adapt my lifestyle to meet the needs of the dog.  Tessa went everywhere with me.  She has been to rodeos, roping's, bars, big cities and small towns.  (I lived 2-3 hours from anywhere with any facilities - meaning I had no choice, I would be gone too long to leave her in the house.)  Now I can't imagine life without having a dog with me.  Often when I'm not at work you can find a dog riding shotgun as I complete my errands.

I do have a cat.  Moxie was a dumped cat.  She quickly wormed her way into my heart.  She's not snugly but she has such a zest for life and is so spunky you can't help but smile.  She also thinks she's a dog.  She plays with the dogs, comes out into the field to help us herd sheep, rides the horse, and is an all around PITA.  (Pain In The Ass)  She has also taken a keen interest in Reba's puppies.  On Friday, the puppies and I were basking in the sun out in the yard.  I could see Moxie checking out these strange and wonderful creatures.  She stalks off.  Then reappears.  With a dead creature in her mouth.  She looks intently at the puppies, walks towards us, and drops her prize.  Giggling, I shook my head at her antics.  

Yesterday, I left the puppies in the yard unattended (Reba was out with them).  When it began to cloud over I went to retrieve them.  By the Rubbermaid tub I used to transport them I discovered another surprise.  A dead mouse.  Neatly delivered to the box, beside the pups.  It appears Moxie has struck again.  Apparently she thinks they need some extra vittles and wants to helps.  

Best of both worlds, a cat who thinks she's a dog?

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The Canadian said...

Ha ha! What a cutie Moxie is! I like her spirit!!! In case you were actually asking, Cat or Dog, I say DOG!!!!!!