Sunday, September 26, 2010

Training Break

Roxy is home on a training break.  It feels like she's been gone for forever!  This has been a new and somewhat strange experience for me.  Normally, I'm the one starting, riding and finishing my horses.  This time I bowed down to more experience and knowledge and am letting someone else do the dirty work until competition time rolls around.  

Its hard.  Very, very hard.  I feel disconnected from my horse.  But at the same time kinda excited.  This time next year Roxy and I will be at the Canadian Supreme competing in cutting.  I'm happy to have her home.  The whole futurity thing and starting horses at two freaks me out.  And I worry.  A lot.  About her being physically able to do the job.  About her being mentally strong enough to handle the pressure.  But I've committed.  And no matter how awkward it makes me feel I'll stay the course.  

But I am super happy to have her home.  Where she can roam the pasture and be a horse.  Where she can take a break and let any ouchy spots heal up.  

Where I can watch her and dream about what may actually become reality.


The Canadian said...

Dreaming is what makes things real!! Keep dreaming! I can't wait to watch you guys at the supreme!!!

Jennifer said...

Hey, just curious who is training your horses for you?

Jennifer said...

Good for you by the way....I hope to show there too one day!

Barbra Schulte has some great advice in her books..."The Gift" check it out!!!