Monday, September 27, 2010

Even MORE Puppy Pictures

Finally I was able to get my pictures up!!!!!!!!!

Here's Luke... sittin' pretty.  

Ty (on the outside) - formerly Tank - racing with Chloe.

Diva - realizing I'm trying to take her picture - racing in for the kill.

My current favorite - Chico - who needs a name.  He's super sweet.  Just adore the little boy.


Country Girl said...

My class thinks we should call Chico - Bandit,Jake, Max, Jack, Sam, Buster, Nicolia, Jacob, Rio, Mitchel, Ronald, James, or Mike. What do you think?

The Canadian said...

ooo, I love Bandit! That is an awesome name!!!!! See, kids always have great ideas!!
The puppies are sooo adorable!!!