Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Puppy Names

My darling MacBook has died once more and is off getting doctored so no new pictures for a few weeks. Please accept my apologies!

With time ticking away I've started thinking about names for my little puppy family. With one puppy sold to a wonderful couple who passed my quality controls, I've been trying to fit names with the personalities of the pups left.

Girl puppy number one, who is on the couple's short list, I like to think of as Lucy. She's kind of spunky, gives great eye contact, is people oriented and brave. Also high energy.

Girl puppy number two, I still have no ideas for names. She's mostly black and is spunky, likes to bark, and while small tries to play with the big boys. She's also a bit of an explorer and has no problems wandering off by herself. I've toyed with Dora and Stella but am not sold on either name.

Boy puppy number three is a rolly polly short backed big boy. He has stunning markings with a wide blaze going into his collar. He's also the quietest, most easy going pup who stays out of the pecking order fray. I"m thinking Luke but am not sure it fits.

Girl puppy number five, who was the runt but is now about the same size as sister number two is the most black and adorable. Tonight while I held her she spent her time licking my hand. She's also pretty spunky and brave. She's the one I'm having the most trouble finding a name "fit". She's also the one who I (and my family) thinks will make an awesome dog. She's got a nice medium temperament.

Boy puppy number six, who has the spotted head and seems to be the lowest on the pecking order got his name idea from one of my students. Today, while discussing writing ideas one of my students blurted out that I should name a puppy Chico. I think Chico just may suit this guy. I still want to see what Chico means, but it may be a fit.

Boy puppy number seven has had his name almost from day one. Tank, is still Tank and will always be Tank. This is one solid large puppy. But he also seems to be mellowing. He's also the undefeated boss of the puppy pen. I'm pretty sure his size helps him out on that one!

Ah, name dilemma's...

Any good ideas??


The Canadian said...

How about Solo? Jello? Hmmm.....Cheerio?

Chelsi said...

Puppy 2- Amilia (as in earhart... Laura (as in Croft! lol).

Croft I like for a boy. Grisham I like for the heavy thinker (CSI) for boy three.

For puppy five you could always name her Five! Five Alive! lol... I dont know, I just like the name Five or Fiv-er for longer but that is just me:) (high five!)

My kitty's name is Bitty (for the smallest pup)... I love that line from Alan Jackson's song Little Bitty...even says "little Bitty dog"



Country Girl said...

These pups have a half sibling Solo. Names have to be something I can imagine some man (most herders are men) calling them...

And needs to be shorter...

So far I like Amelia but don't have a "face" for it.

We have to date: ?, Dixie, Luke, ?, Diva, Chico, Tank. And my mom thinks Tank's name needs to change but I don't think I can - I think it's stuck!